Breaking The Sales Code

Jul 18, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Are you looking to increase your sales by up to 300%? Desire to strengthen relationships? (significant other, child, family, friends – everyone) Want to focus on self-discovery? Or even a quick trial to evaluate and decide if the system is of value to you? Join us for this amazing event elaborating the tool by Code Breaker Technologies that helps you achieve personal & business growth!

About this event

About this event

The economy in 2022 is becoming more challenging from many aspects. Everyone is looking to secure the business stability and achieve targeted growth. But growth has many faces and hurdles and those sometime are not related to tech knowledge. As much as the tech skills are important, soft skills seem to be important too. Understanding the clients' psychological types and their business needs are prerequisites of any potential growth. How can help this process folds, we will hear from our speakers.

Key benefits of this session include discussion on how B.A.N.K. helps you achieve:

 Dramatic increase in sales and influence

 Career progression

 Higher functioning teams (leveraging individual personality strengths in tasks)

 Less friction enabling a stronger team dynamic/culture

 Improved hiring & retention (hiring the right individuals for the team need & with the team culture in mind)

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    Founder & CEO

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    Director Networking Engineering


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