How to start your career with WordPress (in Arabic)

Sep 24, 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Unlock the boundless possibilities of the digital realm with WordPress— and learn how to transform your WordPress knowledge to a full time job and career.


About this event

Discover the remarkable potential of WordPress as we delve into how it can enhance your opportunities and fortify your CV. Uncover how it accelerates the process of understand various facets of web development. If you find yourself uncertain about choosing between frontend, fullstack, backend, or UI/UX design or even SEO, building websites with WordPress offers a holistic experience. With an active community for support and a wide array of job roles seeking your skills, WordPress opens doors to a dynamic journey encompassing diverse expertise.


  • Mohamed Atta

    Brainstorm Force

    Frontend Developer


  • Maja Loncar

    GoDaddy Pro

    EMEA Field Marketing Manager

  • Nada Elsharkawy

    Manager ROW and Marketing

  • Adam Warner

    GoDaddy Pro

    Director of Field Marketing

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