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All this month, we've been talking about accessibility on the web. From accessible content to SEO and social media, this all-too-important topic doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves. With our final meetup of May, we thought we'd bring in some real experts—experts that rely on your accessibility efforts to navigate the web and use the products you create!

In this session about contributing to WordPress accessibility, team reps for the WordPress Accessibility Team, Alex Stine and Joe A. Simpson Jr., join us to discuss the benefits of contributing to the WordPress project and ways that you can get involved. Even if you don't write code or have the time to devote to ongoing accessibility work, you can help out by testing new iterations of WordPress—a win-win for the project and for your clients!

RSVP to learn more about the WordPress Accessibility team and testing future release of WordPress!

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  • Courtney Robertson

    Courtney Robertson

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    Web Designer and Developer Advocate, WordPress Training Team Co-Rep

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  • Sandy Edwards

    Sandy Edwards


    Field Marketing Manager

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  • Adam Warner

    Adam Warner

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    Director of Field Marketing

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  • Marcus Burnette

    Marcus Burnette

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    Marketing Specialist

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  • Ken Crockett

    Ken Crockett

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    Sr. Marketing Specialist - GoDaddy

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