Digital Payment Transformation – Growing Your Business

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 8:00 – 9:00 PM UTC


About this event

Digital is here to stay. From the way we work, consume, and interact on a personal and business level, the pandemic changed the behavior of both consumers and businesses alike — also providing opportunity. Consumers have an inherent expectation for much more personalized experiences and for that to be the case at every point of engagement from businesses. The customer experience with the brand, regardless of setting, online (including tablets, phones, computers), in-store, or some combination of both must also be efficient, consistent, and seamless. This also encompasses payment for goods and services and the necessity for businesses to provide secure, convenient, and fast checkout.

The Digital Payments Transformation allows merchants to be creative in the way they can sell their products and services. From setting up an installment plan, to offering membership clubs, to offering discounts for upfront payments. It also allows a merchant the flexibility of closing a sale virtually anywhere. No longer are they limited to selling in a store or just on their website. Merchants can accept payment via social marketing sites, via a text, over the phone with a virtual terminal, or at the consumer’s home with a mobile application. These are made possible by keying, entering, scanning a QR code, or even tapping devices. In addition, this transformation is now more deeply integrated with sophisticated software solutions from POS to CRM which is affordable for all sizes of businesses.

If used correctly, the digital payments transformation can be leveraged as a true competitive advantage and part of the connected experience. The payment can be a key touch point to drive loyalty programs, curate personalized experiences, and potentially develop longer term customers. With the use of payments data, merchants can unlock key insights, potentially drive for more revenue, bringing new products to market, enhance customer experiences and ultimately brand loyalty.

Join us to learn how to unlock the potential of digital payments with omni-commerce solutions by partnering with GoDaddy.

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  • Adam Warner

    GoDaddy Pro

    Director of Field Marketing

  • Marcus Burnette

    GoDaddy Pro

    Sr. Marketing Specialist

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