Google Analytics For Clients

GoDaddy Pro (Online)
Wed, Aug 4, 3:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful analytics tool that many clients don’t know how to use. Discover how you can use Google Analytics to re-think the customer journey, and better identify and reach your client’s ideal customers.

We’ll cover:

  • How to setup & monitor goals
  • How to create segments
  • How to filter out bot traffic
  • How to tracks revenue & conversions
  • How to calculate net profit


  • Patrick Rauland

    Patrick Rauland

    Paid Memberships Pro

    Patrick Rauland is obsessed with helping clients make money online. He’s created sites for clients, he worked for WooCommerce in support, development, and product management in addition to planning their yearly conference (WooConf).He now works for Paid Memberships Pro as Brand Manager making sure people know they actually can (and many times should) charge money for their content.You can find...

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  • Sandy Edwards

    Sandy Edwards

    Field Marketing Manager

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  • Adam Warner

    Adam Warner

    GoDaddy Pro

    Director of Field Marketing

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  • Marcus Burnette

    Marcus Burnette

    Marketing Specialist

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