Hacking Social Media Coffee Chat


GoDaddy Pro (Online)

May 18, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Join us as we discuss tips to use for your web agency to grow your social media marketing efforts!

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About this event

You run a business designing and building websites. It's what you do best and it's why you started your business. Getting new work, though, can be hard sometimes, so you have to fire up the marketing engine to attract some new clients. What's your go-to marketing strategy? Does it include social media? (Spoiler: it ought to!)

In this casual coffee chat, host Marcus Burnette sits down with Evan Weiner, Director of Social Marketing at GoDaddy Pro, and J.M. Channell, Sr. Marketing Specialist at GoDaddy Pro, to discuss tips your web agency can use to grow your social media marketing efforts! Evan and J have years (maybe even decades!) of combined social media marketing experience and will share what they've learned about the importance of social media in your marketing efforts, how active you need to be, how to figure out what to write, and more. As a bonus, they'll share some "hacks" that they've discovered to make your social endeavors easier and more effective!

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