Membership Site Types and Business Models

GoDaddy Pro (Online)

Wed, Jun 16, 7:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

If you’re not already delivering solutions for membership sites, you should be. The associations and professionals you work with will derive revenue directly from the website you build for them. These are often high value, recurring customers that are willing to pay for quality service.

I will present the most common membership site types, business models, and niches that we come across while developing and supporting the Paid Memberships Pro platform.

After this presentation, you will know the difference between professional associations, trade associations, and other non-profit organizations. You will know how the tech stacks of these sites differ from courseware-style membership sites for solo entrepreneurs. You will learn which customers are worth pursuing and which should be avoided. You will gain knowledge that will help you to find these clients, understand their needs, and deliver high value solutions.


  • Jason Coleman

    Stranger Studios

    Managing Partner



Wednesday, 16 June
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)


  • Sandy Edwards


    Field Marketing Manager

  • Adam Warner

    GoDaddy Pro

    Director of Field Marketing

  • Marcus Burnette

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    Marketing Specialist

  • Ken Crockett

    GoDaddy Pro

    Sr. Marketing Specialist - GoDaddy